Angie Mijalska

Who am I?

Angie was born and raised in Poland and speaks fluent Polish and also understands Russian and Ukrainian. She is the only Polish-speaking personal injury lawyer in Calgary. Our diverse client base exposes us to rich cultural diversity – which is also reflected in the team at Zhivov Law. We offer services in 10 different languages including; Russian, Polish, Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, Croatian, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Company Role:

Angie holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary. While attending the University of Calgary, Angie worked as a nursing assistant and a math tutor, all while volunteering at Calgary Legal Guidance and Student Legal Assistance. Angie is an active member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association.  Her medical background serves as an asset in understanding clients’ complex medical issues in personal injury – a major advantage over other personal injury lawyers.

After graduating from the University of Calgary Law in 1999, Angie practiced solely in the area of personal injury litigation for over 14 years in one of the biggest personal injury firms in Alberta. Angie represents individuals suffering from injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident or slip-and-fall incident. She aims to recover damages for losses resulting from chronic pain and suffering, out-of-pocket expenses, housekeeping capacity, income loss, cost of future care, and diminished income earning capacity.

Angie is an expert in the area of personal injury law, as she has successfully negotiated and mediated hundreds of cases in both private and judicial contexts. She has years of extensive experience representing clients injured in motor vehicle accidents and slip & fall injuries. With over 23 years of personal injury litigation, advocacy, and negotiating experience – Angie is very knowledgeable in alternative dispute resolution, having participated in hundreds of private mediations and negotiations. Angie aims to provide her clients with practical and cost-effective solutions – proven in her track record to resolve matters through alternative dispute resolution processes. With this in mind, she is always prepared to litigate and has appeared before the Court of King’s Bench and the Provincial Court of Alberta.

What do you like about working at Zhivov Law?

At Zhivov Law, we understand the personal injury process is challenging and overwhelming for clients, Angie takes away the stress of navigating the complex legal system while understanding the unique needs of each client. Thanks to our firm’s cutting-edge cloud-based IT setup, Angie is able to access client files 24/7 – always available to answer client requests flexibly and remotely.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

When not practicing law, Angie enjoys staying active and spending time outdoors – she loves kite surfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and skiing outside of the office. Angie is an avid traveler, as she has continues to explore the world in search of new cultures and people.

What is something Personal Injury Lawyers deal with that you want to fix?

Angie is actively involved in the personal injury litigation community and is passionate about raising awareness surrounding the Government of Alberta’s review of our auto insurance system. Under the current Alberta system, damages are paid for by the insurance company of the driver deemed to be “at-fault” – which affords Albertan’s the right to sue the at-fault driver’s insurance company for a settlement. This means bad drivers pay for the damage they cause. Alberta is currently considering developing a “no-fault” insurance system – effectively replacing Alberta’s “tort” system and striping Albertans of the right to sue for pain and suffering as the result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. No fault threatens insurance affordability, removes accountability for drivers and insurance companies, and lacks essential consumer protections.

Angie is passionate about advocating for the rights of her clients and takes great pride in representing injured and vulnerable Albertans – who are being taken advantage of by insurance companies. This is yet another example of how our government continues to meddle with the laws to favor the insurance companies and to the disadvantage of our clients.

If you’re a victim of a not-at-fault accident and have suffered injuries as a result, do not talk to the insurance companies, contact Angie at Zhivov Law. She will handle every aspect of your injury claim and will assist in ongoing medical attention and treatment approvals – leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on recovering from your injuries. With decades of experience, Angie has established great relationships across Calgary’s leading medical experts and rehabilitation facilities – she helps her clients get the treatment and compensation they deserve.