Vladimir Zhivov

Managing Principal

Vladimir works with clients who have had the misfortune of getting into an accident that wasn’t their fault. His clients are regular people who come from all walks of life. Many have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Every client is unique and each case is different.


As an accident lawyer, Vladimir meets with his clients, advises them on their rights and responsibilities, and then works to determine the extent of their injuries by consulting with medical and other professionals. ...

Angie Mijalska

Personal Injury Lawyer


Angie holds a Bachelor of Law degree and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Calgary. After her admission to the Law Society of Alberta, Angie practised solely in the area of personal injury litigation for over 14 years in one of the biggest personal injury firms in Alberta. ...

Mark MacDonald

Personal Injury Lawyer

Mark MacDonald has successfully obtained numerous injury claim settlements for victims of negligence, and works hard for each and every client, no matter the size of the injury or the complexity of the claim....

Paula Bedoya

Office Manager & Paralegal 


Haroon Zia

Legal Assistant


Yevheniia Chystiakova

Legal Assistant