Not to Mess Up Your Personal Injury Claim

How Not to Mess Up Your Personal Injury Claim

We care a lot about our clients. And we fight tooth and nail to get them the best settlement possible. But some clients are their own worst enemy. They hurt their chances of a fair and speedy settlement by doing silly things. Help your personal injury lawyer help you by doing the following:

1) Be honest with your lawyer

Share whatever documents you have and be truthful about your injuries, your medical history and your treatment progress. Your lawyer can’t effectively pursue your claim if he or she doesn’t have all the facts. Surprises and inconsistencies only hurt your chances of a fair and timely settlement.

2) Avoid social media

People get themselves into all kinds of trouble with social media. This is especially true when they’re pursuing a personal injury claim. Photos and comments can paint a very damaging picture — a picture that may or may not reflect reality. You might know that you were only playing Frisbee for a couple of minutes before the pain from your injured hip forced you to stop. But do you really want to have to (and can you) prove that to an insurance adjuster or judge? Better to avoid social media altogether while your claim is in progress.

3) Do your best to get better

Get your injuries diagnosed as soon as possible. Then follow the instructions of the medical professionals. This might include doing stretching and strength-training exercises at home, taking medication and attending ongoing treatment sessions by a physiotherapist or chiropractor.

Doing your best to get better also involves continuing your daily activities to the extent that you can safely do so. This includes engaging in suitable employment, with modified duties as necessary.

Victims of personal injuries are expected to mitigate their losses. This means finding ways to get on with life, to the extent that you reasonably can. If you do this, your credibility with the adjuster, as well as with the court if your case goes to trial, will be greatly enhanced.

4) Don’t take everything personally

It’s natural to feel threatened and worried when you’re pursuing a personal injury claim. Your life has been disrupted, often through no fault of your own. Perhaps you’ve heard awful stories of insurance companies taking advantage of people. You don’t want to be victimized yet again.

Try to put aside those concerns. The insurance adjusters are just doing their jobs – it’s nothing personal. That’s why you have a lawyer to help you get a fair settlement.

The key is to find a personal injury lawyer that you trust, and then follow his or her instructions. Do your best to be patient and reasonable in your expectations. This will help make the entire process a smooth one.