Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in Canada

Sobering Statistics — Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries in Canada

There is no doubt that driving is a dangerous activity. In fact, it may be one of the most dangerous activities we undertake in modern society. This means that the chance you will be injured at some point in your life as a result of a motor vehicle accident is higher than the chance of being injured during many other activities, especially considering the amount of time that most people spend driving over the course of their lives. According to the most recent report released by Transport Canada, there were 149,900 total injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents in Canada in 2014.

The Transport Canada report also suggests that drivers are more likely to be injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents in Alberta as compared to several other provinces. Per 100,000 licensed drivers in Alberta, 613.1 were injured in 2014 in a collision, according to the report. This is slightly higher than the Canadian national average which suggests nationwide, per 100,000 licensed drivers, there were 601.7 injured in a collision in 2014.

The types of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents are various. Both physical and psychological injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents. Physical injuries common to motor vehicle accidents include brain and head injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, facial injuries and internal injuries. The injuries sometimes include fractures and other damage to the skeletal system, but more often consist of a combination of sprains, strains and tears of the soft tissue. Psychological injuries can result from physical brain injury, or can come as a result of the emotional and psychological stress and difficulties that follow the motor vehicle accident. Psychological and emotional issues often go hand in hand with physical injury.

No matter what injuries have been sustained in a motor vehicle accident, or develop soon after the accident, the driver who is to blame for the accident (or by extension, their insurance company) is responsible to compensate you for them all.

It is important to seek proper medical diagnoses and care for each of your injuries following an accident. Your injury lawyer will be better able to obtain the full compensation you deserve if you are diligent in having your injuries assessed and treated by medical professionals.