Personal Impact of an Injury Claim

The Personal Impact of an Injury Claim

A motor vehicle collision or slip and fall accident can have wide-ranging effects on your life. The obvious ones are the pain and discomfort of your injuries, both physical and mental, and the treatment that goes along with that.

There are also many less obvious ways that a personal injury can affect your life. Keeping them in mind will help you minimize their impact.

Some of the less obvious effects are:

  • Stress and uncertainty related to waiting for your claim to be resolved
  • Anxiety and nervousness connected to the memory of the accident (especially with serious motor vehicle accidents)
  • Irritability and difficulty in personal relationships provoked by the pain and stress
  • Inconvenience and lost wages due to attending medical appointments

These inconveniences, and many others, will likely be a part of your life for quite a while. Whether you handle your personal injury matter yourself or hire a personal injury lawyer, it’s likely something that you will be dealing with for months or years. The physical and emotional recovery can often take two years or more. Particularly serious and complicated injury cases can take several years to resolve, whether through negotiation or by trial.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can make the process much easier to deal with. Hiring an injury lawyer can greatly reduce the impact that the accident has on other areas of your life. The stress is greatly reduced when you know that an injury law expert is working hard to get you the compensation you deserve.